How can Your Orthopedic Device Company get More Exposure on LinkedIn?

How can Your Orthopedic Device Company get More Exposure on LinkedIn?

It’s harder every day to get noticed on LinkedIn. Just check out some of these recent stats on content and users on the platform:

There are 170 million users on LinkedIn just in the US. 

There are 2 million new pieces of content every day on LinkedIn.

When you post organically, your post only shows up in only 10% of your top list of contacts. 

So, what is a little orthopedic company with a fixed budget supposed to do?

Check out these 8 battle-tested techniques that we apply here at TOC to give our clients more exposure on LinkedIn:

#1 – Use Videos for Organic Posts AND Ads

Videos are ranked higher by the LinkedIn algorithm. High-quality videos that are DIFFERENT get noticed faster. This is straight from the LinkedIn staff themselves: “Be BOLD.”

#2 – Target Riiiiight Here. Use Geo-Targeting for Ads

You can laser focus your ad spend on specific countries, states, and cities. When you do so, and in conjunction with other targeting elements that are set, you ensure that only people in those cities see your ads.

#3 – Target Job Title and Job Function Targeting for Paid Ads

Go even further by targeting specific job titles and companies to really get the most bang for your buck. When setting up ad campaign audiences, use the built-in “Forecasted Results” tool on the right side of the page to see how your targeting effects spend, impressions, CTR, and total clicks expected for your campaign

# 4 – Just Post It.

Try to post fresh content at least twice a week – if you can post once per day, that’s great. Remember, LinkedIn prioritizes quality vs. quantity. If you have great content that gets lots of likes it will do better than a post that’s posted just because. Press release? Post it. New case study? Post and link to it. Have some quick tips to share? Post it. Lists are great.

#5 – Tag. What’s in a Name? Everything.

Be sure to look someone up and find out how they spell or use their name on LinkedIn if you are mentioning them in a post. Use the “@” symbol to tag them. It will alert them that you are talking about them. Mentioning a company? Use the “@” symbol to mention them, as well. This spreads the word without having to do anything extra on your part.

#6 – Be Authentic. There’s a Reason it’s not Just a Buzz Word.

Authentic content always performs better than polished or stuffy promotional-style content. If a surgeon reads your content, chances are it’s because it came across as authentic vs. sales-y. If a surgeon passes by your content, check the post; it may come across as commercial. It’s all about intent.

#7 – Use Surgeon-to-Surgeon Content

Surgeons file suggestions from other surgeons high on the list of “oh wow, I should check that out.” Quick video content with surgeons telling other surgeons about a case or a device is content gold.

#8- Think about your Content: Quality vs. Quantity

We can’t say it enough – great content always wins the day. Great content can be quoted with a surgeon photo, a really great photo that speaks for itself, or video (again, videos rank higher, and engaging videos rank even higher than that). CONNECT with the reader and you’ll stop the scroll. Connect and offer quality content, and you’ll most likely see your engagement on the uptick.

Ready to Take Your LinkedIn Company Page to the Next Level?

The experts at TOC have over 10 years of experience helping clients with their digital marketing and over 30 years of experience in the orthopedic industry.

We can show you how and provide even more insight and tips to help expand on these eight techniques and become more effective with your LinkedIn paid and organic strategy. Because when paid and organic work together, your messaging reaches your surgeon customers online.

March Madness: We’ve Got Bets on Your Company’s {Informational/Pitch} Decks!

March Madness: We’ve Got Bets on Your Company’s {Informational/Pitch} Decks!

Chances are, you’ve made it past the January and February new budget implementation and are finally settling into somewhat of a stride for 2021.

We’ll don’t get too comfortable. Your company’s deck may be collecting dust and in need of a refresh. 2020 Was quite the year, and most likely, reviewing and updating the company deck was not at the top of your priority list.

We have good news: it’s 2021, and time to get back down to business!

Tiger Ortho Consulting spent 2020 working with startups just like yours, helping to navigate the unknown waters of COVID-19 and the “new normal” in orthopedic sales and lead generation. That said, we noticed that company decks, although not super important at the time, are something that our clients agreed needed to be re-worked. Reasons included not only the apparent re-work due to COVID changes and effort pivots, but in general, the decks needed attention for one reason or another, like people moving around, products developed, and investment strategies updated.

Besides, with in-person meetings becoming all but non-existent, companies need a way to “pass” their deck to anyone digitally and not just in a PDF format where any animation or video gets lost when reduced to a file size acceptable for sending via email. 

5 Ways to Tell if Your Company Overview/Information/Pitch Deck Needs an Update:

  1. Is the actual slide deck file tough to attach to an email due to its file size?
  2. Is the full slide deck more than 15 slides (including the title and thank you slide)?
  3. Does the slide deck have old products or team members listed?
  4. Does the deck have old branding or outdated fonts and graphics?
  5. Can the full slide deck be easily viewed on any mobile device?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to move the deck up on your list of marketing efforts for Q2 of 2021. Doing so will ensure that your team will have the best deck(s) for their needs as business ramps back up into Q3/Q4 of 2021. 

How Tiger Ortho Consulting can Help:

  • Make your deck stand out: 
    • Design updates to more of a modern feel while maintaining your company’s brand standards.
    • Provide advice on how to use the deck as posting content for your LinkedIn company page
  • K.I.S.S.:
    • TOC will work with you to identify what is really important vs. what is just fluff.
    • We also work with you to determine the voice and tone the presentation should have so that the deck is easy to read and understand by the target customer.
    • For example, a client has a large 32 slide deck. TOC works with the client to identify that the original deck should be split the deck into four smaller decks—the outcome? Better targeted materials for the sales team and easier-to-digest decks for the customer.
  • Digital publishing
    • TOC will work with you to publish the slide presentation on line, embedded onto your website.* 
    • This way, savvy sales team members can directly link to the presentation in an email and garner traffic to the website simultaneously.
    • Not only does this get the customer to your website quicker, but it also allows the presentation to be viewable as intended with all visual effects, transitions, videos, etc.

So, are you ready to get ahead of the game and score a slam dunk with your next company information or pitch deck? Contact Tiger Buford or Lindsy Mueller with Tiger Ortho Consulting for more information.