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COVID has challenged businesses of all sizes to adapt in the orthopedics industry with less human touch.

TigerOrthoConsulting leverages decades of industry experience to help companies define new strategies to move forward, through COVID and beyond.  Our suite of services is designed to give you the information and support you need to move a product from inception to development and on to market launch.


Everybody knows Tiger…

Tiger spent years in the orthopedic product development space, innovating in joints, extremities, spine, biologics, sports, and trauma.

You name it, he’s probably done it 

Now Tiger is a reformed industry insider bringing his A-game to consulting, applying all that in-depth, first-hand knowledge and experience to finding the best solutions for your business needs. 

Tiger will leverage his extensive network and decades of experience to steer emerging orthopedic companies toward success.

Menu of Services

suite of services to Accelerate your idea or product or business.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution 

Development of Product Concept: Ideas-models-prototypes

3D-CAD design-3D Printed Prototypes-Working prototypes

Product Testing

Quality Services

Marketing Advice

Regulatory Advice and Submissions

Matchmaking Services (more details below)

Matchmaking Services

Match your ortho business with a technology partner, expert, business partner or buyer.

In addition to our expertise in consulting for the orthopedic industry, we also have 30+ years of experience “matchmaking” for our orthopedic clients.


A complementary technology to accelerate your business.


A key expert to accelerate your business.


A complementary business partner to accelerate your business.

License & sell

A buyer for your company, assets, or technology.


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